This page lists all available apps and templates that I have made on MIT App inventor and its distributions like Niotron, Kodular, etc… For queries about extensions or bug reports, please start a new thread in the Niotron Community, and for feature, requests contact me by email. Developing and maintaining snippets, tutorials, and extensions for App Inventor takes a lot of time. I hope it saved some of your time. If yes, then you might consider donating a small amount. Thank you.

Snakes & Ladders Game

It’s a simple app that I made on Niotron Builder, You can play with this game with a crazy bot and funny sound effects. Also, the aia/project is open source so take a try to make your own version. Download to play the game. And leave your review in the comments below. 

Super Sudoku – APK

It a super fun game made on Niotron. This APK is not available on Playstore you can download it from here. There any some great features that I have tried to add like Hint, Undo, Highscore multiple entries to the same level, etc… For more info make sure to download it.

Custom Chat View – UI

Chat Bot Made On Niotron

I have made this UI on Niotron app builder, by using the Dynamic Component Extension of Yusuf Cihan. I have used this for the chat bubbles/container. Taifun Textbox of Taifun for listening to the text input event and make a change to change the icon from sending to mic and mic to send. The scroll handler extension of ColinTree is there to scrolling the chat view to the bottom. When a new message arrives.

Instagram Post Downloader

A very simple app to download Instagram posts+story using default niotron components, and an extension ‘Async Image Loader’ of colintree. I haven’t used any external API/Webhook or any server to get downloading or preview links of images & videos. In this project Web Component to load the post that you want to download and then, I have extracted required data like Image Url, video URL, title, etc from the meta tags of the page loaded.

A tricky part in this project is to detect if the given post URL is of an image or a video. On based on response, show/hide the Download Video button.

Youtube Videos Downloader

Youtube video downloader app made on niotron

YouTuber video/audio created on Niotron. A very simple app where I haven’t set up any server and also didn’t use any PAID API key. Few extensions used in this project Taifun Textbox of Taifun for listening to the enter press event. The block coding allows you to listen to that song before downloading, also you can download it in audio/video HQ format.

❤️ Thanks to all those developers for such a great extensions that i have used/using/will-use in my projects.