How to use Google Drive Component Of Niotorn Builder.

Here in this blog, I’m going to explain to you How to use the nation’s Google Drive Component. But before I start, do you know you can upload any file like text, docs, pdf, Xls, etc also media files like video, audio, images, gifs, etc to your google drive very easily. So let’s get started […]

V8 Engine – Google Apps Script | AIX

V8 Engine is a helper extension allows you to use google apps script and supporting google apps from client side. You can simply use javascript code to send emails, CRUD data on your google spreadsheet, Upload files to your google drive, Set/remove reminders on your google calander and many more. In short you can manage all your google apps supported by google app script using this extension.

TinyWebDB Server In Google-App-Script

TinyWebDB System written in Google Apps Script to store/get tag and values to/from your Google Spreadsheet. And here we have explained how to create your own TinyWeb DB Server for FREE to use it in your projects. You just have to follow 4 simple Steps in order to setup your server and start using it.. 1. Create a spreadsheet […]